Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation has been around for over 80 years and since then, it has remained the preferred choice of property owners all over America. Fiberglass insulation is used in both commercial and residential spaces for acoustical and thermal purposes. There are various benefits to choosing fiberglass material for your insulation project. It is very affordable and easy to install. Also, fiberglass is an energy-efficient and sustainable material. But to get the best results, it is advisable that you hire an insulation contractor for your home’s insulation. We are the best insulation installers in Duluth, MN.


Fiberglass insulation has an excellent thermal performance. It improves the thermal efficiency in buildings by maintaining the cooled or heated temperature in enclosed spaces. While fiberglass varies in thickness and density, it’s design flexibility means thermal performance in an area can be boosted by installing a greater quantity of the material. You will have no problem meeting your R-Value requirements. Fiberglass can have an R-Value up to 4.3, which is as good as anything you will get from any insulation material. The efficiency of fiberglass insulation will lower your utility bills, reduce noise, save energy, and increase the comfortability of your building.


As a property owner, the importance of protecting your property from damage can’t be overemphasized. Fiberglass insulation will protect your property from damages as it is resistant to both fire and moisture. While fiberglass isn’t completely waterproof, the material neither holds nor absorbs water. This makes fiberglass very easy to dry when it becomes wet. There will be no chance for mold growth too. Also, fiberglass is made of materials that make it non-combustible throughout its lifespan. With fiberglass insulation, you will have no use for fire retardants. According to many building codes, the material can be used as a fire stopper in wall assemblies.


The installation process of fiberglass insulation is budget-friendly. At very competitive prices, fiberglass materials offer you all the benefits you can get from other insulation materials. You can have fiberglass insulation installed in your home without having to break the bank. Also, insulator installers like us will help you install the material with minimal fuss and in very time. The ease and speed of the installation process make labor affordable. It is important to note that while the installation process may be easy, it requires a reasonable level of skill and experience to be done right. Professionals will save you time and money.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are interested in keeping the environment green, then fiberglass insulation is the right choice for you. Fiberglass materials are mainly made from recycled glass and sand. In the production of some fiberglass products, up to 80% of the materials used are recycled glass. Also, silica sand, the other material used in the manufacturing process is readily available and naturally renewing. Both of these ingredients combine to give you a very sustainable product. The use of fiberglass insulation will help you score points in green building programs such as LEED.



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