Insulation Removal Service

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering removing your old insulation. Your building’s insulation may have become outdated, damaged, infested, or contaminated. Whatever the case, underperforming or ineffective insulation is no good. It is important to note that deteriorating insulation can cause all kinds of problems around your home. It can affect other components of your home and also cause health issues. It is essential that contaminated insulation is removed without delay. The safest and most reliable way of removing unwanted insulation is to hire experienced professionals like us. We offer the best insulation removal and installation services in Duluth.

Save Time and Energy

The process of removing unwanted insulation is very laborious and time-consuming. A lot of care and attention has to be put into the process to ensure that every single fragment of unwanted consultation is removed from your property. Insulation removal is even more daunting for inexperienced hands and you will have a hard time getting it done all by yourself. To save you time, we will provide you with a team of well-trained professionals. Our team will clean your home with speed and efficiency in order to ensure that the reinstallation process can start on time.


At Duluth Insulation Company, we have all the necessary pieces of equipment to remove your old insulation safely and efficiently. In insulation removal, the availability of the right PPE (personal protective equipment) is very important. When you execute the task yourself without the necessary equipment, you will be exposing yourself to various health hazards. These health hazards include mold spore, animal remains, and contaminants. There is also a good chance of you exposing yourself to asbestos in vermiculite. In the end, the money you think you will be saving by doing it yourself isn’t worth the health risk.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you replace your old insulation with a new one, your home will have greater energy efficiency. Most times, newer insulation will be more modern and hence have a better R-value. Before the reinstallation process, we will inspect your structure in order to locate all cracks and crevices. This is to ensure that your new insulation serves you better and for longer. Also, increased energy efficiency equals lower energy bills. Your home’s heating and cooling system will become much more efficient. An extra advantage of new insulation is better indoor air quality.


If you’re looking to sell your home, it is advisable to get rid of your old insulation. The presence of old or deteriorating insulation in your home will have a negative impact on its market value. It might even discourage prospective buyers completely. When you choose to install new insulation before selling your home, you will be increasing its value. And this means that you will be making a profit when you eventually sell it. Property buyers are more attracted to buildings with newly installed insulations. When the demand for your property is high, you will get the chance to sell it at a very favorable price.



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